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January 2011
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Earn Extra Money- Teach Sewing Classes

During this troubled economic  time, everywhere you look there are articles about people going “back to the basics” – meaning doing their own gardening and canning, digging out their sewing machines or buying a used sewing machine so they can learn the basics of sewing to help save money.

This where you and your sewing skills come in — you can offer to teach sewing classes to adults as well as to children.  If you’re not sure what all to teach, check out the “Learn How To” website for information and outline for teaching those classes.  For some people it has been years since they stuck their sewing machine in the closet or in the attic, so would probably appreciate a refresher course so they can get back into sewing.

You can make a flyer to hang in the local fabric store, or in public places that will let you put flyers on the wall that gives information about your classes and your phone number so prospects can give you a call.  Let your friends and relatives know what you’re wanting to do so they can help spread the word to their friends.

Other ways you can make a littl extra money with your sewing skills would  be to start some quilting classes or perhaps some beginner craft classes.  Think about what you like to do best and start some classes teaching others.

Can you think of other ways to make extra money with your sewing skills?  Let us know what YOU are doing so we can pass the information along to our readers.

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