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January 2011
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Saving Money Is Equal To Making Money

Isn’t it amazing how, with the economy in the dumps and unemployment is skyhigh, prices everywhere are going up, up, up!  Gas prices keep going up, groceries are on a steady rise, and even at our favorite fabric shop just three weeks ago, one of our main fabrics that we constantly buy jumped up $2.00 a yard!  Now I can see raising the price perhaps 50 cents a yard, but a $2.00 a yard increase in a matter of a week!!!  Come on now!

Well, for those of us in any kind of home business, I firmly believe that perhaps the BEST way for us to “make” money is by “saving” money wherever we can.  The prices we charge for our craft and sewing items just CAN’T go any higher than what little we charge or we’d be pricing ourselves out of business.  So, begin keeping your eye on your inventory of fabric, buttons, zippers, velcro, thread – you name it – whatever you use, watch for those sales!  Jo-Ann’s and have super sales and you can even find a lot of items you may need on ebay.   If I can find a sale on fabric that may be 30% or 40% discount, then I feel like I’m actually making a little more on my garments and crafts.

Check your newspapers for sales at Office Depot or Staples if you use a lot of paper items – once again, the more you can SAVE when buying the office supplies, the more dollars are in your pocket.

While we’re on the subject of saving money is equal to MAKING money, the next item is how to keep from wasting your money.  Over at the Shopper Strategy blog, Denise has a post entitled “7 Fast Ways to Waste Your Money”  — EXCELLENT information!  This should be required reading for every adult and teenager!  Well, the more money you DON’T waste, the more money is left in your pocket!

Let’s all work together to save money and stop wasting our money and I’ll bet we all end up with a little extra cash at the end of the year!

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