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January 2011
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Have You Set Goals For The New Year?

Everywhere I look I see articles, blog posts and stories about “organizing for the new year” or “clean out the cupboard”.  I am SO inspired to do both of those this year!  I always thought I wanted to belong to the “she who has the biggest fabric stash when she dies is the winner” club — and my fabric drawers and cabinets look like if I died today I’d surely be the winner!  WELL, that is all changing this year!  I’ve decided to bring out fabric – a little at a time – and make SOMETHING out of it.  As a matter of fact, I have some very pretty pink fabric with red strawberries on it that my little 5 year old “I’m a pink girl” has been eyeballing, so I probably should just go ahead and start with that one.  And one of my little grandsons keeps asking me “Mamaw what else can you sew?  Could you make me a shirt?”

I truly believe that I could keep busy sewing from now until August or September and buy only thread (maybe – I might even have enough thread!). 

So, how about you?  I’m thinking kids clothes, craft items, aprons and home decor items out of my fabric stash.  Matter of fact, I could probably stock my whole next craft fair booth with stuff from my fabric stash, therefore not spending a dime on those products.

Check around your house for things you can recycle or fabric that’s begging to be used and get started cleaning out some of those fabric boxes, drawers or cabinets.  This project could satisfy TWO different goals —- make extra money and clean out the cupboards!

We’d like to hear about YOUR goals for the new year!

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