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January 2011
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Use Your Fabric Scraps – Make Doll Clothes

This year three of my granddaughters got dolls that are very similar to Barbi dolls.  Each box had a doll, two sets of dresses and a comb/mirror for fixing the dolls’ hair.  In every case, each girl immediately sat down and started changing the dresses on the dolls.

Every once in awhile, two brain cells rub together (as my daughter likes to phrase it) – and I immediately saw my drawers  and boxes of fabric scraps turned into doll clothes!  What a FANTASTIC way to make some extra money WITHOUT spending a penny!  The only thing this “hobby” / “business” takes is some of your TIME (and a little of your thread)!

This brought back memories of years ago, a church friend did sewing and alterations, and when her regular business had a slump, she dug into those scraps and made doll clothes.  She had an industrial sewing machine that sews 100 MPH, and you should have seen her zip those doll clothes together!  She made regular baby doll outfits, Barbi doll outfits and even had special orders from customers for the particular doll their child/grandchild loved the most.

If you love to sew and don’t actually have a sewing/alteration/craft business, and would like to sew doll clothes, you could perhaps get some scraps from a friend that IS in the business, or head down to JoAnns or WalMart and pick up some of their remnants which are price for quick sale, OR check out some yard sales / flea markets for fabrics.  Even IF you had to spend a little on some fabric to get started, the doll clothes take very little fabric and have you checked out the prices of doll clothes in the stores????

Try making up a few sets of doll clothes to put on display in your customer waiting area and just see how fast they are snapped up!  This could be the “new dollars for the new year” that is just sitting there waiting for you to get busy!

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One Response to “Use Your Fabric Scraps – Make Doll Clothes”

  1. JoAnn says:

    Using scrapes for doll clothes is a great way to recycle and it makes us be more creative, too. If the scrapes come from material used for the little girls clothes you can make look alike outfits and little girls like to dress their dolls like themselves.

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