Earn Extra Money- Teach Sewing Classes

| January 27, 2011

During this troubled economic  time, everywhere you look there are articles about people going “back to the basics” – meaning doing their own gardening and canning, digging out their sewing machines or buying a used sewing machine so they can learn the basics of sewing to help save money. This where you and your sewing […]

The Five Best Sellers Are………..

| January 24, 2011

How many emails have you gotten lately that lists that particular company’s best selling products?  If you subscribe to emails from JoAnn.com, Fabric.com or any of the notion companies, you’ve probably gotten quite a few emails along this line.  And, if you’re like me, I like to know what others are buying to see if […]

Hot Deals on Fabric and Craft Supplies

| January 18, 2011

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  Here are some hot sales that you can take advantage of to grab craft supplies and fabric at terrific prices!  Fabric.com – 20% off Valentine’s Day fabrics and crafts through 1/24, plus free shipping on orders over $35. Hancock Fabric – online exclusive inventory sale begins 1/19 through 1/23.  […]

Saving Money Is Equal To Making Money

| January 17, 2011

Isn’t it amazing how, with the economy in the dumps and unemployment is skyhigh, prices everywhere are going up, up, up!  Gas prices keep going up, groceries are on a steady rise, and even at our favorite fabric shop just three weeks ago, one of our main fabrics that we constantly buy jumped up $2.00 a […]

JoAnn’s ‘Own Your Look’ 2011 Prom Contest

| January 11, 2011

Announcing the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores “Own Your Look” 2011 Prom Contest where you can win a grand prize of $50,000!  Calling all teens – make your own prom outfit and enter to win cash for college, funds for your future, or dollars for your dreams!  To enter, just make your own prom outfit, including an […]

Have You Set Goals For The New Year?

| January 10, 2011

Everywhere I look I see articles, blog posts and stories about “organizing for the new year” or “clean out the cupboard”.  I am SO inspired to do both of those this year!  I always thought I wanted to belong to the “she who has the biggest fabric stash when she dies is the winner” club […]

Use Your Fabric Scraps – Make Doll Clothes

| January 7, 2011

This year three of my granddaughters got dolls that are very similar to Barbi dolls.  Each box had a doll, two sets of dresses and a comb/mirror for fixing the dolls’ hair.  In every case, each girl immediately sat down and started changing the dresses on the dolls. Every once in awhile, two brain cells […]

How to Manage Banner Ads in WordPress

| January 6, 2011

I highly recommend the WordPress platform not just for blogs, but for any type of website because it’s super quick and easy to get setup and it’s free, so you could literally have a professional site up and ready in an evening.  Once you have your WordPress blog or site going you’ll have access to […]

Sew News 2011 Style Star Contest

| January 4, 2011

It’s your chance to show off your sewing skills by creating a one-of-a-kind garment that’s uniquely you. One lucky winner will be awarded a fabulous sewing prize package worth more than $3,500! Read the full rules here to find out if you have what it takes to become the very first Sew News Style Star. […]

How Does YOUR Creative Mind Work?

| January 3, 2011

Because this is a brand new year, I think it’s a good time to stop and think about HOW we use our creative mind —  are we actually being creative and coming up with new ideas and approaches to old ideas or just seeing things through a foggy window. My best illustration for this very […]