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December 2010
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Does Your Website Or Blog Have To Be Perfect?

A couple weeks ago I posed a question about “Why do you have a website or blog“?  We have gotten quite a few responses to that question which brings up another question — does your website or blog have to be perfect?

The term “perfect” means different things to different people!  To some people it may mean not to have too many mis-spelled words within the context of the website or blog.  To others – those that are perfectionests – it might mean that the website or blog just NEVER looks just right!

I have a friend who was starting a blog and she worked on it for several weeks, changing it around, re-writing what she had, then did more changing, and I finally told her it looked just fine – just get it online – you can make changes later.  Good grief!   I wonder how she figured she’d sell anything if it was gonna take several months to pick it apart, redo it, pick it apart and cut it to pieces again!

If you’re just starting, I would suggest you do an outline of what you want to do on the website / blog.  If it’s just to talk about your daily “stuff”, then you can start just about anywhere, but if you want to do a selling blog with tidbits about how you find time to do this, or you got a super deal for craft supplies at this store, etc, then your outline would need to be specific on WHAT you want to sell so you can get great visibility for those items, then every few days throw in some personal details.  Keep your sidebars for affiliate items and other website/blogs that you enjoy.

Put your information together after looking over the outline, then get it uploaded / published.  You can fine tune it AFTER it is up and running — AND you’re starting to get some sales!  The main thing to remember is that once you make up your mind to begin your website or blog – get it started, get it published and online, then do the fine tuning and changing a little at a time while it’s getting exposure.

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