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December 2010
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Why Should Customers Buy Your Products?

There are literally millions of people  scanning and surfing the internet constantly.  They may be looking for something specific, or just have a vague idea of what they might want, so are just surfing to see if something “clicks” with them.

This is where your planning comes into play.  While individuals are surfing the web, some of them may accidentally land on your website, or traffic may be directed your way by search engines, etc.  What happens once they land on your website or blog – whether they spend time looking around or simply click away to another site depends on your headlines and how you’ve marketed your products.  Good headlines that will catch the attention of the visitor will give them a reason to look around a bit.   Then comes the “sales copy” that you’ve written about your various products.

As you’re thinking about what descriptions and information you want to write about each product, put yourself in the shoes of the visitor.  What comes to your mind when you’re looking at it from a “third person” perspective?  Are your products useful for the home – perhaps a time saver?  Are the products toys that kids could spend hours playing with?  (this could certainly be a time saver for the Moms, who are looking for things to occupy the children).  Are your products hobby related that could give your customer hours of enjoyment – think about the older folks who have a difficult time getting around perhaps.  Or could this help pass the time during those long winter storms?

As you’re writing those descriptions, be sure to include the benefits of the products (how they can help the customer), then don’t forget to give the reasons to buy (hours of enjoyment, keep the kids occupied for hours, spruce up your living room with this product).  As you lead the visitor by the hand – getting them interested in looking with the catchy headlines, then guide them through the benefits of YOUR products, and lastly giving them good reasons to buy, you’ll find your sales increasing in proportion to how smoothly your website or blog goes through the entire “selling” process.  Give your potential customers every good reason you can think of for wanting to buy YOUR products!

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