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December 2010
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Save Money With Fabulous Fabric Finds

This post is to pass along some information about how and why I stock up on fabrics this time of year.  Each of us that are in a sewing related business have a tendency to use a LOT of certain types of fabric.  For example, those who are in the quilting field, whether it’s regular bed quilts, quilted table placemats, quilted wall hangings, etc probably all use a large quantity of quilt batting.  Those who do regular sewing probably go through several bolts of interfacing throughout the year, and those making craft items may use certain solid colors.  For me and the coupon clutches we sew, we go through bolt after bolt of cotton duck fabric — brown, black and red.  You get the picture.

Well, this time of year it seems like the online fabric sites are in competition with each other to see who has the best deals for the customers.  For example, right now JoAnn’s has the queen size quilt batting packages 50% off, and has a code for free shipping.  They also have 50% off their entire stock of home decor fabrics plus good discounts on other types of fabric. has some super deals now on a large variety of fabric types and they ALWAYS have free shipping if your order is over $35 — and the way we buy fabric, that total is very easy to reach.   You can also get some really good deals in the fall at ebay, and I believe the reason for that is because people / stores are trying to get their inventory lower this time of year before time to count for tax purposes.

Soooo, every year at this time I start looking for those 50% off sales – free shipping – and sometimes there are even extra “codes” that get you an additional 10% off your total sale, regardless of whether you’re buying regular price or sale price items.  Think about how this can HELP your bottom line!!!  Boy howdy – when I can get that cotton duck 50% off with free shipping, you can be assured I’m going to be buying a minimum of 2-3 bolts of each color!  Think about what it is that YOU use a lot of throughout the year and go ahead and stock up on those particular items NOW while there are super savings available.

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