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November 2010
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4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Web Traffic

Everybody who has a blog or website knows that one of the measures of success is the amount of traffic that comes to the site or blog.  So how can you increase the traffic – or in other words, how do you get people in cyberspace to know you actually have a blog or website.

** We’ve talked before about finding forums within your niche that you can join and then participate in the discussions or begin your own discussion.  You will “meet” others that have the same interests as you, and you’ll find that some of the other members of the forum will visit your site, just as you’ll start visiting other sites, and perhaps even be able to leave a few comments on some of the member blogs or websites.

** If yours is the type of business that mails products to people that order from you, NEVER send out a “naked” package — always have flyers or a small booklet or catalog of your other products to stick into the package before mailing.  We have gotten many orders from some of the same customers simply because we always send out flyers about additional books or products we have available and each flyer gives our website address for the customer to check out.

** Be sure to have a advertising signature file attached to every email that you send.  My signature reads as follows:

Sarah J. Doyle

e-mail – Visit my blog

Sewing/craft/pattern making classes held in your home at your convenience.  For information – – 

Your signature file would lead e-mail recipients to YOUR blog or website.

** Make some 2×4 advertising labels giving some brief information about your website and list the URL for the website.  These small labels can either be placed on the outside of the package you’re about to mail OR make the labels out of regular copy paper, cut them apart and stick one in every bill you pay and every letter that goes out.  You’ll be surprised at the number of employees working in the offices opening power bill payments, garbage bill payments, etc that will see your little advertising label and actually hang on to it so they can call about your products.

Getting extra traffic to your blog or website isn’t as complicated as some would lead you to believe.  You can pay for google ads, advertising spots on other people’s blogs, etc which would also direct traffic to your site, but why not go the “free” route to build up your traffic.  Do you have any other ideas for free or cheap ways to spread the word about a website or blog?  We’d love to pass along any information you might have.


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