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November 2010
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3 Secrets You’ll Need To Know For Online Marketing Success

Whether you’re already marketing your products online or just getting started, there are some very specific things you need to know.  We’ve all heard those stories of huge fortunes being made by selling this product or sign up for that program.  I truly believe those “huge fortunes” are mostly a myth because every dollar we’ve made online has been through years of hard work and time putting together classes, patterns, books, etc.  Of course, that’s not to say that some might get just the right break at the right time and sales soar through the roof.

Ok, back to the subject matter!  The following three things MUST be thought through before you get too involved in your online marketing.

** Specify a niche BEFORE finalizing your range of products or services.  When putting together your website or blog it is very easy to get sidetracked.  You may start working on this line of craft items, then fall in love with a whole new array of home decor items, then before you get them all put together, photographed and ready to get online, a new line of make up becomes available to you at wholesale prices, and you really want to stick that into the website as well.  So, what is it that you’re trying to sell — make up, home decor items or those children’s crafty toys that you love to make?  You can see by this scenario, it’s going to be very difficult, or should I say impossible, to have a great website with all these non-related items.

** You need to have a Unique Selling Proposition.  This means doing your research at any and all websites that are selling items similar to yours, and make your website one that will stand out in the crowd.  You’ll need to be thoroughly familiar with the items that you’ll be selling, any type of information that can be used for enticing offers, making potential customers feel comfortable navigating through your site.  The more “people friendly” you can make your website the better chance your site will have to succeed.  You can be the only one who will quickly answer emails from visitors who may have questions about some of your products.  Sometimes it seems like we’re on the computer 24-7 – however many times we’ve responded to a question from a potential customer at 9 pm, or Saturday afternoon, etc and it never fails that the customer-to-be writes back and THANKS us for the quick response and many times will add “I didn’t think I’d hear from anybody until the first of the work week” — and sometimes we’ll also get an order from the customer shortly after we’ve responded to the question.  So, make your site or blog UNIQUE in that you are a customer service oriented site.

** You MUST have the desire to be successful!  Working online writing a blog or working on updating your website or making new and different items to add to your website takes a great deal of time.  Success doesn’t just come when you put a blog or website online and let it set unattended – it IS a job that must be worked at continually.  Don’t give up if you don’t have immediate success — keep plugging away.   You may want to begin making enough online money to pay the electric bill, or help with groceries —  write down what it is that you REALLY want to accomplish with your blog or website, then WORK toward accomplishing that goal.  Don’t get sidetracked – keep your eyes and mind focused on what you want to do, and it WILL come together for you.

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