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November 2010
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Are You Ready To Quit Your Day Job?

We had a booth at a local festival last Saturday, and I was very surprised at the number of people walking by engrossed in their conversations about how much they disliked their jobs and the work environment at their office.  The first thing I always think about when I hear these conversations is — “Don’t you get a regular paycheck???”  Come on folks, if you have a job and a paycheck you really need to be counting your blessings rather than the constant complaining about the job.

However, IF you’ve been working your way into being able to tell the boss good-by and quit the day job grind, you need to be very well prepared for what you’re about to get into.  First of all, IF you think you can make mountains of money with your sewing, crafts or alterations you may be leaving your job with the wrong attitude.  There is NO “work from home” business that will bring in instant mountains of dollars — if you’ve found one, please pass it along as I’m sure there are tons of people waiting to hear about it.

I’m hoping that you’ve already spent some time working your new “career” as a part time hobby and making sure you’d love to do it as a full time venture.  Wanting to do your best for your future customers and being able to fulfil the clients’ needs are instrumental for your success.  The “money” part will take care of itself – you need to be concerned that you have what it takes for excellent customer service, ability to do above average work  and be able to have the mindset it takes to get the work done. 

I’ve read where an entrepreneur spends 60-70 hours per week working his/her heart out in order to get the home business going, and I’m here to tell you that a home business is definitely NOT a 9-5 opportunity.  A home business can quickly become a 24-7 job where you just about have to schedule your lunches and dinners!  If you are the type of person that can get a mindset of work, work, work and can get yourself out of bed in the morning (since you don’t have to clock in at 8 am) and get busy on your home business work, then you may be ready to quit your day job.  If, however, you can’t seem to get motivated to get started doing your sewing, crafting, etc until about lunch time, then have to quit at 3 to pick the kids up from school, perhaps you’d better keep your day job and that secure paycheck!

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One Response to “Are You Ready To Quit Your Day Job?”

  1. AJ says:

    Hi Sarah,

    This is the most straightforward advice i’ve seen online in a logn time!! Most people give you flowered encouragement, you, tell it like it is. I am working on perfecting my “craft” before quitting my day job. I hope to share with you my expereince someday. Love your website, very useful for a newbie like me.

    Thank you,

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