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October 2010
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Christmas Season Is Right Around The Corner

October is just about gone, so we’re heading right into the Christmas Holiday season. 

For those of us who enjoy making gifts for family members, friends, children’s teachers, neighbors, etc, now is the time to get organized and figure out exactly what you want to make for each of them.  Each gift must be personally chosen for the recipient, and be something they would actually USE, not just something to be tossed aside later.

Begin your gift making project by writing a list of everybody you want to make a gift for and then list their hobby, what they do for enjoyment or something about their job that they’re very proud of.

After completing the list I would recommend that you visit the website and check out the assortment of patterns available there.  There are many free patterns as well as very inexpensive patterns that you can download immediately in order to start on your projects as soon as possible.

For those in a sewing/crafting business out of your homes, I’d also recommend that you get started making up some “sample” gifts that you can place in your customer waiting area with signs noting the price of each and that you’re ready to take Holiday orders.  This type of sewing/crafting can bring in a substantial amount of extra cash for you.  It really isn’t too early for you to put up a small Christmas tree in the waiting area as an extra attention getter for the Holiday Season.  (Don’t worry about the tree being premature, I was in a Dollar General store today and it appeared that probably 1/4 of the store was packed with Christmas decorations and all types of seasonal holiday items).

By getting started early letting your customers know about the toys, stuffed animals, clothing & home decor items that you can take orders for, the sooner you’ll start getting orders and you’ll be able to make many more items than if you wait until the last minute to get going on this project.

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