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October 2010
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How To Make The Most Of Your Sewing Time

I don’t know about you, but I often get myself so strung out on multiple projects that I sometimes wonder if I’ll get any of the projects finished!  If you have children or grandchildren you may find yourself in the same situation as I get into — NEVER make a skirt or pair of shorts  or blouse for ONE of the grandchildren without making something for each one of them!  THIS is the reason Ihave multiple projects going at the same time — in addition to my regular sewing and crafting projects.

I’ve learned a few things over the years about sewing these “multiple” projects and I would like to pass along a couple of my “learn the hard way” hints.

** If sewing items for the children or grandchildren, TRY to get fabrics that you can use the same color of thread on — don’t get red fabric for a skirt, blue print for a blouse and green for a pair of shorts for another child.  The past few years I’ve gotten just a little bit smarter in this regard, so I can decide what I’m going to sew today — using BLUE thread.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be making craft items or kids clothes using WHITE thread.  By putting together all the projects that use the same color thread I can get tons more work done!

** Before starting any major project, or projects, I always be sure to have 3 or 4 bobbins filled with whatever color thread I’ll be using for the day.  It is very annoying to run out of bobbin thread in the middle of zippers or button holes, etc and have to stop and fill another bobbin.  By having a couple extra filled ones I can just pop them into the bobbin case and keep on sewing.

** On every pattern piece that I sew I always clip the threads as I go, and go from one pattern piece to another then another as often as possible so there are fewer “long” beginning and ending thread lengths.  By finishing one piece, then put another piece at the end of the first one and continue stitching, all I have to do is clip the thread between the sections to separate the pieces.

Do you have any little secret tips for making the sewing process easier and faster that you’d like to share with us?  Let me tell you – those of us who do a lot of sewing would LOVE to hear any and all little tips you guys might want to pass along.

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One Response to “How To Make The Most Of Your Sewing Time”

  1. Alexis says:

    Great post, I know what you mean! One way I keep the production moving is to cut one day and sew it all the next. If I have to move from multiple machines and or press seams in between I always have a stack of things that move with me through each step. That way I feel like I have accomplished a ton in one afternoon and I am set for the next if I do not finish. Hope that is helpful to you 😉

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