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October 2010
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What Is A Guest Blogger And How Can They Help You?

For those of us who have a blog understand the amount of time it takes to do the posts.  Whether you want to be sure to have one (or more) posts each day, or if you do posts a couple times each week, it can still become an issue getting them done.

Life can roll along just as peachy as possible when all of a sudden you or your spouse or a child gets sick, and even worse, has a hospital emergency.  At that time those daily or weekly posts are quickly put “on the back burner” because of the immediate health issues.

A “guest blogger” could really be a life saver for you in times like this, or even if you’d like to get a short vacation away from the computer.  A guest blogger, who does writing in the field of your own blog, could be asked to fill in with a post or two.   Many bloggers enjoy writing for other blogs — and usually the pay is simply to have a link back to their own blog.  Or, if you have a friend or relative who enjoys doing what you do, you could always ask them to write an article or a post to add to your blog.

An example of doing guest blog posts is one where Denise was asked to be a contributor at and, being a frugal couponer, Denise submitted her “Fast and Fabulous Egg Rolls”  recipe for one of the weekly posts.  The blog does invite others to submit recipes to her as well.

Another example is where Michelle at was very impressed with Denise (that’s my daughter and co-owner of this blog) and how much she is able to do with her 5 children under the age of 6, so asked Denise to do a little write-up about her life with 5 kids and her Coupon Clutch business so Michelle could do a “Reader Spotlight” about Denise.

Guest posts such as these help the owner of the blog “fill a spot”, while getting great information out to their readers.

If you don’t know where to find someone to go a guest post for your blog, check some of the blogs that are in your field and see who might already be doing guest posts, then click on their back link to check out their own personal / business blog to see if it might be someone you’d like to ask to do a guest post on YOUR blog.

A “guest blogger” may just save the day for you and can be used perhaps once a month, or line a couple people up for a day or two when you know you’ll be needing some help with your posts.

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