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September 2010
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What To Do About The Unending Economic Crisis

When my son’s children get mad – don’t get their way – or just feel like throwing a fit about something that didn’t go like they thought it should, my son sits them down and calmly tells them that it’s ok to get angry.  We all get angry from time to time, but it’s what we do WHEN we’re angry that makes the difference.  In this case, hitting people or throwing things is NOT the appropriate thing to do.

Right now my son’s workplace and contract are going through some major issues — some or many (including my son) may be losing their jobs before the end of the year, and there is a LOT of discontent and uncertainy going on there.  He (my son) got permission from the “higher ups” to write a  email to all the people involved, and here’s what he had to say to them —

“Keep in mind, as I always tell my kids, that it is okay to be upset, angry, confused, conflicted, concerned, etc. but the part that matters the most, and displays your true character, is how you act in the face of adversity.  The unwritten code of conduct that we have always followed includes customer focus, mission focus, teamwork and exellence in action.  While we progress through this transition, remember that there is a mission to accomplish and that the strength of your character will become apparent throughout this adversity”.   While reading the previous paragraph, remember that he also is one of those most likely earmarked for the pink slip before the end of the year — it’s just that they won’t know for sure who all is “earmarked” until the pink slips hit the desks.

As usual, the proverbial quote “when you’re handed a lemon………make lemonade” comes to the forefront now.

So, how can we who are involved in sewing, crafts and alterations make the lemonade?  I realize that many of us have been doing the sewing, alterations or craft businesses as a sideline in addition to full time or part time jobs, which have now been eliminated or hours cut way back.

An idea that always pops into my head is to think about something “new” or “different” that I can make to sell at the craft fairs or on ETSY, or to make to sell as a pattern.  One item that could be a good seller – easy and quick to make – and one used by nearly every girl around would be some hair barrettes.  Denise made some for her little girls to wear for picture day at school, and wrote up the tutorial on her Multiple Mayhem blog.  Quick and easy and a little extra cash for you perhaps.  Or how about the tutorial for the Reusable Snack Bags that was posted on this blog a few weeks ago.  As you surf the web for tutorials and projects you’ll probably think of dozens of different things that you already know how to do, but just haven’t made them in a long time, or something that you might need so you go ahead and figure out a way to make the item, and immediately have something you could either write instructions for others, or make the item itself to sell.

There are many ways to make the lemonade and help increase the extra dollars that everybody so desperately needs right now.  If you’ve come up with ideas that we could pass along, please feel free to let us know.

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