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September 2010
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What Do You Do With Your Empty Thread Spools?

Anybody that has been sewing for any length of time either accumulates a bunch of thread spools as they get empty, or else throws a bunch of them away – one at a time!

When we started sewing the coupon clutches, I was emptying what seemed to be “dozens” of spools.  Granted, the clutches take a lot of thread, with all the pockets, padding, double stitching the straps, topstitching all around, so I knew I needed to get a supply of thread on order!  Well, after throwing away the first two or three, I decided there MUST be some kind of projects that could be done with those empty spools that the kids could do.

I now have a box of probably 50 empty spools and don’t know what to do with them!  The good thing is that all the spools are the same size, whereas before in my “general” sewing I had all different sizes of spools, as well as some wood spools and some the newer plastic spools.  These look great in the box, and I keep adding additional spools every day, but now what can I do with them?

Does ANYBODY have any kind of projects or things you’ve done with empty thread spools that you could pass along to me?  I’d be forever grateful!  My little 4 year old quadruplet grandbabies and their big 6 year old brother, LOVE to do “activities” and “projects”, so I know they’d really like to make something out of these spools – I just have to figure out something that we could make.

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5 Responses to “What Do You Do With Your Empty Thread Spools?”

  1. Rosalyn says:

    Using empty thread spools:

    They are great painted or wrapped with yarn and glued togethert to make sewing room art to place on the walls…I have also wrapped some bunting around them and made them into pincushions, leaving the tops free to use a glue gun and put beads and buttons on. These make reallly adorable pin cushion gifts…

  2. Pat Davis says:

    You were looking for a craft for empty thread spools, check out this back massager from Chris:

  3. glenys carter says:

    you can make wind chimes or a mobile

  4. ICut a piece of scrap fabric to fit the space the thread was in but make it a little longer so that it overlaps. Glue it on with craft glue. Cut a circle piece of felt (green) to cover one of the ends, glue it on.. This is now the top. Take a small size artificial flower and poke in through the felt on top. These now can be used for a doll house, place settings, or in a row on a shelf. If you have more than enough check with the local senoir center or nursing home to donate some to use for their dining tables. Make an assortment for the different seasons.

  5. Make a wreath of spools. Cut a piece of fabric to fit the space the thread was in but make it a little longer so that it overlaps. Glue it on with craft glue. String the spools with a wooden bead in between them. You may want to consider painting the spools before applying the fabric piece. The size of the wreath is up to you. Tie off the string and attach a pretty bow. If you use ribbon instead of string leave enough to make the bow . Use fabric for each season and interchange the wreath at the appropiate time.

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