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August 2010
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How To Promote Your Website

If you’ve had a website or blog for any length of time, you’ve probably realized by now that it hasn’t grown overnight, nor has it grown without a lot of effort on your part.  You could have a blog or website online for years, but without promoting on your part and getting the name out to other people, it will gain nothing for you.

So, HOW do you promote your website or blog to get more traffic, which in turn makes more sales?  And now the next question is how do you promote your website or blog without going into debt or having to pay every bit of your profit back into promotions?

One of the quickest ways to get the word out about your website or blog is to make some 2″x4″ label type flyers.  We made flyers giving information about what’s on our website and list the URL.  These flyers can be made very quickly using Microsoft Office Publisher, or a similar program that you may have on your computer.  Once you’ve made the small flyer, print a few sheets of Avery 2×4 labels AND print some of the sheets on plain white paper.   The plain paper ones I cut apart and stick one into every bill or envelope that we mail out.  The labels we stick on every package that we mail out.  You’ll be surprised at how many postal employees between your house and the package destination will be seeing the label, and perhaps making a mental note of the website address.

A very important method of getting word out about your website/blog is to make it part of your email “signature”.  When it’s part of your email signature every time you send an email the recipient will see the link and may even click on it to see what your site is all about.

You will also be able to build links back to your site whenever you visit other sites that are similar to yours and perhaps make appropriate comments on posts within that blog.

You can of course do the advertising with online website directories.  Some of the online website directories may be free, but of course they’re also in business to make money, so there may be strings attached to their offers.  Check them out carefully to see what the final cost would be.

The main thing to remember about promoting your website or blog is that the success will NOT happen overnight.  You must have patience and you must be willing to constantly be doing “something” to promote the website.  Don’t just do ONE thing, such as email signature, and figure that is enough.  We are constantly  promoting our blogs and websites in one way or another, and you should make up your mind that you will stick with the website promotions as long as you have those sites or blogs.

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