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August 2010
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School Is Starting Today

School is starting today for our grandchildren, however other schools will not start until next Monday.

Even though school is or has started, it is NOT too late to do “back to school” sewing for those hard to fit children who probably are starting school with only one or two outfits.  Check out the PlusSizeChildren website for pattern making classes and for patterns that were designed specifically for plus size children.   Sewing for plus size children or sewing for plus size and full figure women are areas that could bring in more business than you ever dreamed.

As fall is approaching, you have an entirely new “wardrobe” time coming up, and by starting now, you’ll be ready for all the fall and holiday sewing.  Get the word out that you can and will sew for those hard to fit folks.  Maybe even get a few pictures up in your customer waiting area showing a plus size child or full figure adult just to let your customers know what you can do.

From time to time we’ve mentioned our “babies” – BBGG quadruplets – and giving hints / tips on how to actually get some work done with a house full of children.  Well, those “babies” — BIG KIDS now, are among those who are starting school.  They won’t be 5 until the first of October, so missed the cut-off for Kindergarten, however the school their big brother attends (is a 1st grader this year), has a full time pre-K program that the quads qualified for.  They have been super excited to be able to go to “Jacob’s school”.  Here they are, taking a minute for a photo op before heading into school.

Congratulations to Mommy and Daddy who now perhaps will have a few extra minutes for their work — they are “work from home” parents as you probably are aware.  And congratulations to the little ones who are so excited about stepping into the next phase of their lives — school.

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