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August 2010
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Is Your Home Office Green?

No, I’m not asking if the color of your home office walls are green – although Sage Green is one of my favorite colors!  I’m really wondering how eco-friendly your home business is.

“Green” is all the topic of conversation nowdays, and it would be a great idea to check to see where you are in the scope of things.  There are several ways and methods you can incorporate in your daily office use that could turn it “greener”.  Here are a couple of examples:

** What do you do with those sheets of paper that come off your printer that may have just a line or two printed on it?  Does it become trash, or do you cut it to make scratch pads, or use the back for coloring / writing paper for the kids.   If there’s only a line or two I can sometimes put it back in the printer to use the back for printing coupons, or an email that is only for my own use and not to send out to anybody.

** Can you do digital computer filing for the majority of your paperwork rather than printing and filing it in a filing cabinet?  We have a system where we have our pattern making class materials and books as documents online (and backed up of course), which eliminates the need to print all the massive numbers of pages for a filing cabinet.

** Remember to recycle your old printer cartridges by taking them to a recycle place.  We take all of our cartridges to Office Depot where they give us $3.00 on our rewards card for each cartridge that we recycle.  YAY!!!  Go green and get paid to do it!

** Be sure to turn off all your electronic equipment (computers, printers, lights, etc) at the end of the day.  You may be surprised at how much energy they consume if left on day and night.

How are YOU going green in your home office?  We’d love to have all the hints and tips we can get to pass along to our readers.

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