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July 2010
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Motivation Killers

Motivation killers are those “little” things that we let build up inside us that can literally kill our desire to get something accomplished some days, and if let go can actually kill our business.

Attitude” is probably the greatest motivation BUILDER or motivation KILLER.  It is absolutely essential that you keep a positive attitude about yourself and about your business.  Don’t dwell on the many negatives that abound in our current economy; instead get a mindset that the current economy can HELP you build your business.  Do you have a “niche” that can build and grow  even with the economy?  Think about what you can do to increase your business in spite of the economy.

I think probably the best example I know of to demonstrate this is my daughter’s family.  When layoff’s from work completely jeopardized their ability to even put food on the table for their 5 children under the age of 5, she didn’t cry, moan and groan – her immediate thought was what can she, a pattern designer and writer hobbyist, could do to make a living from the hobby.  She started using grocery and drug store coupons to get discounts on food for the family, then came up with the idea for the coupon clutch, as a way to carry the coupons and look like she had a designer tote.  I can assure you that if she’d chosen to have an “attitude” and carry a “poor me” attitude, her brain and mindset would never have been open to something new to try.

“Excuses” are right up there close to the top for motivation killers.  If a day doesn’t go as you’d planned, please don’t try to think up a dozen excuses why you didn’t get anything done.  “It was raining so hard I couldn’t get out to get the supplies I needed to get certain projects done”.  “It has been so hot I can hardly breathe, let alone work”!  Oh, my!  What kind of perfect day does it take for you to just get busy and get SOMETHING accomplished?  Remember, just the smallest accomplishment will do wonders for your “attitude”, and keep you pushing toward your goal.

“Nothing is working out for me today” so why even try anything else?  My answer to that issue is – please don’t just give up and throw in the towel!  Why aren’t things working out for you?  Is it poor planning on getting prepared for the job you intended to do?  Are you looking for one of those excuses to quit for the day so you can go do something else?  Are you letting those motivation killers creep in?  Stand back and take a second look at what you’re doing and usually you can spot an area or two that could be the problem and are preventing you from getting the project done.

Never forget – this is YOUR business, and it will be what YOU make it.  I found a quote years ago that I really like and I’d like to see it up on your wall beside your work area – “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”.  Nobody else cares if your business succeeds;  it is after all, YOUR business, so give it your all and don’t let those motivation killers creep in!

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