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July 2010
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Update on How Productive Are You

Well, I’ve gotten a few comments about my recent post, “How Productive Are You Now That Summer Is Here?” – including a conversation with my friend who informed me that there are some days that she couldn’t “add an additional hour” no matter what would happen if she didn’t.

The suggestion was made that, instead of trying to “add an hour”, why not simply make a goal to get one item off the “to-do” list.

I’m probably the biggest list maker in the world, and if I didn’t have my list handy of things I’m working on, important things other than work related that really must be done and including items to do before company comes, etc, I’d be pretty lost.

While discussing the “add an extra hour each day” compared to “get one thing off the to-do list” theory, I’ll have to admit I really like the “cross an item off the to-do list” idea a LOT!  This means that those days when there seems to be not even five minutes to be found, perhaps one of those to-do list items might just fill the bill.  Many of my to-do list things can take only 10 minutes – it’s just finding those 10 minute time periods that’s the issue.

Lately I’ve been glancing over my to-do list for my “one item crossed off per day”, and I’ve been very surprised at the number of things that are being crossed off.  Some things may take half an hour, some maybe longer, but there are still some that don’t take very much time at all, and it’s very encouraging just to see some things getting marked off.  Actually, just getting to mark something off can get me started on “one more thing”, so some of my extra busy days I can even get a couple things done and crossed off.

Give the “cross one thing off my to-do list” each day a try and I’m willing to bet that you’ll also be encouraged to stick with this and be able to get more done this summer than you thought you would be able to do.  Let me know how this works for you!

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