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June 2010
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Have You Considered Specializing In Maternity Wear?

Considering the number of pregnant women I see whenever I’m out in public places, AND remembering how difficult it was to find any type of maternity clothes or maternity patterns when my daughter was pregnant with quadruplets, I’d say specializing in making maternity clothes could be very lucrative!

I see pregnant women that are plus sizes, as well as some who would be considered “average” or even smaller and more petite sizing.  The majority of what I see, however, are larger sizes, and I can assure you that they are having a very difficult time finding clothing, patterns or somebody to do some sewing for them.

By far the easiest way to get into making maternity clothes is to see if your customer has some type of basic pattern that she’s had made before and that she knows will fit properly.  You can take that pattern and convert it to maternity styles.  Converting store bought patterns into maternity styles is very easy and you can make a wide variety of maternity garments for your customer, using just that one basic pattern.

If the customer is new and you’ve never sewn for her, and she doesn’t have any basic patterns for you to convert into maternity styles, you can always make maternity patterns for her by using her own personal measurements.  Pattern making for maternity will require a little more effort and time than simply converting a commercial pattern that is already available, but your customer will greatly appreciate your going the extra mile for her.

Look around the next time you’re in the mall or a restaurant or any other public place to see how many pregnant women there are.   Put some flyers or informational brochure at places of business that allow you to post such things, and you might be surprized at the amount of new business you get.

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