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June 2010
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How To Make A Drawstring Waistband


        A drawstring waistband is made in the same way as the “self band” for an elastic waistband.  Make an eyelet either by using a small machine buttonhole or by inserting plastic or metal eyelets (A).  These should be placed 1” on either side of the center front in the middle of the waistband casing.

          Edge stitch, overlock or press the upper edge of the casing area.  Fold the casing at the fold line (B) and stitch the waistband casing down at the original waistline and press.

          Topstitch the waistband casing  (C), making a double row of topstitching 3/8” wide in the middle of the waistband casing (NOTE: Adjust the width of the double row of topstitching and the size of the eyelet or buttonhole to accommodate the width of the drawstring.

          Cut a length of drawstring at least 72” long to tunnel into the casing.  Tunnel the drawstring through the double row of topstitching, starting at one of the eyelet buttonholes.  Finish tunneling the drawstring at the other eyelet buttonhole.  A small safety pin attached to one end of the drawstring may be helpful to push it through the tunnel.  Evenly space the waistline fullness.

        These “how to” tutorials are an excerpt from our book “Basic Clothing Construction”.   This book is a handy addition to have in your sewing room, so you can refer to the various sewing tips and tutorials at any time.

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