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May 2010
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How To Save Money On Office Supplies

Even though most of us have a sewing / craft / alteration business of some kind, we still use computers, printers and a variety of office supplies.  Think about the stapler, paper clips, scotch tape, envelopes in addition to the paper for the printer and ink cartridges or toner cartridges for the printers.  How can you save money on these basic supplies in order to help increase your overall profit?

For years we’ve been a member of Office Depot’s “Rewards Program”.  You can sign up for this program at any Office Depot store or go online to sign up.  Every time you make a purchase there and have them scan your card you will get a percentage back of the sale.  The rewards program sends out the “reward” money each quarter.  Here’s the one I just received this past week for the first quarter of this year:


I’d been needing a few things, but knew I’d get my rewards money any day, so waited.  Then on Friday I not only got my rewards money, I also got a coupon flyer in the mail with a $10 off a $50 purchase or $15 off a $75 purchase.  I grabbed both and headed to Office Depot yesterday and got the basics I’d been waiting on.


The total for the 6 pack mailing tape, 10 pack scotch tape (office depot brand), box of 100 6×9″ mailing envelopes and 1 ream of white cardstock came to $59.08, including tax.  After handing them my $10 off a $50 purchase, then the $39.14 rewards card, my total bill was $9.19.  I figure ANY savings, whether on fabric and notions or on office supply essentials, it’s still extra money in my pocket and not out the door!

Also, if you aren’t aware of this, Office Depot will PAY you $3.00 for every ink jet cartridge or toner cartridge from your printer that you bring back to them to recycle.  The money goes into your rewards program, so will come back to you on your quarterly rewards card.  I turned in 4 toner cartridges yesterday, got receipts for each of them, and now will have and extra $12 on my next quarters’ rewards card.

If you haven’t signed up for the Office Depot’s rewards program yet, you can see how you can benefit from signing up and be able to save money on your office supplies.

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  1. gina snyder says:

    Office Depot also offers free delivery if you spend more than $50 (which is usually easy to do!). Or at least they used to, making your savings even more as your not out the cost of gas or your time!


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