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May 2010
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How To Keep Your Website Alive And Growing

Everyone knows that simply having a website doesn’t necessarily generate sales.  The key to keeping that website alive and growing is all about traffic!  When individuals visit your website / blog and like what they see, they’ll most likely come back again and again.

A good way to get that traffic coming back is by having a “customer sale” periodically.  A good sale date coming up is next Monday, Memorial Day.  After that you’ll see on your calendar Father’s Day, Fourth of July, etc.  Customers love discounts and not only will your current customers come back (and most likely buy something!) – they’ll also recommend your website / blog to others as well.

Another surefire way to pick up traffic to your site / blog is by having a “Giveaway” of some kind.  If you do crafts for craft fairs or bazaars, you could do a giveaway of a couple of your best sellers.  OR, there are people from other businesses, or websites or blogs that would love to have you do a giveaway with one or more of their items.  This helps generate more traffic to your site / blog as well as to the website / blog that is offering the items for your giveaway.  A great example of a super giveaway is one that is currently running on — the current giveway is entitled “shrek-tacular-savings-and-movie-ticket-giveaway” and runs through this Friday, May 28.  This particular giveaway includes a ton of food / snack items as well as a $25 gift certificate that can be used for the latest Shrek movie.  Check out the giveaway and see how you can incorporate the “giveaway” into your blog to help increase your traffic and sales. (If you have children or grandchildren, you might even want to enter to win the goodies / ticket money for yourself).

Additionally, to help keep your website alive and growing, I’d suggeset that you add new “content” to the site / blog that pertains to your business and that would be of interest to your customers.  A “helpful hints” type content could certainly be what some of your customers are looking for — and they’ll be sure to come back to see what else you have to say.

If you’re doing something special to keep your blog / website alive and growing, let us know – we’d love to pass it along to our readers.

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One Response to “How To Keep Your Website Alive And Growing”

  1. Christine Jehle says:

    I am looking for help on an item I have not seen discussed. I was asked to volunteer my services as a sewing teacher for an upcoming event (3 days – 2 classes). I’m more than happy to help out with this cause, but I stressed that I needed to at least make some money on the sale of the sewing kits to cover my expenses. They will be charging $20 per person for the class and that will go to the cause. Now they are worried that I will be taking sales away from the fabric stores. The customers will still need to purchase “texture magic” and I am loaning one store my stock (they will keep inventory and I’ll only charge them the whole sale price of the patterns that they sell). I won’t require them to purchase stock to sell unless they want to after the event.

    Am I in line with what I am doing business wise?

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