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May 2010
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How To Make Extra Money With Your Website/Blog

The main, and probably only, reason many of us have an online web presence is to increase the amount of income into our businesses.   The “work at home” sewing, craft or alteration business is our livelihood and income needed for bills, put food on the table and even extras like perhaps a vacation!

The internet website and/or blog is where the extra money comes from – and many times that extra money comes in while we’re sleeping, working our day job or even on that vacation we’ve worked so hard for.

Now then, here are a couple ideas for expanding and increasing that “extra” money you can make with your website or blog.

If your main line of work is sewing or doing alterations, you could be using that extra left over fabric and make small gift items.   You could start with toys for children, aprons or other kitchen items for women, golf club covers for men just to mention a few.  Check out Patterns2Go for tons of ideas for gift items you could make and sell and even PatternsThatFitYou for some free tutorials on gift items.  If you’re uncertain of what type of gift items that would be good sellers, I usually find that a quick trip to eBay and see what others are selling can give me lots of good ideas.

Writing articles about different aspects of your work (check out our current series of “how to” articles on Wednesdays) and incorporate them into your blog posts.    Article writing, and informative posts on your blog will help increase traffic and additionally help sell some more of those gift items you’ve been making.

Check out other people’s blogs (those that are within the boundaries of what your blog / website are about), and see if you can make appropriate comments to their posts, and of course leave your name and blog or website for a link back to you.

If you have quite an array of gift items made, it might be a good idea to get pictures of the items to put on your blog or website then do a “giveaway” of one of the items.  The great thing about doing a giveaway is to get people interested in what you have available.  Let those that enter the giveaway choose which  gift item they’d like to have.  You can have the giveaway open for perhaps a week then have the drawing.  For best results give perhaps a 10% discount on all orders from those readers.  We usually let the discount period last through the end of the month, or for 30 days, whatever is good for you.

If you’ve come up with additional ways to make extra money with your blog or website, please let us know so we can pass it along to our readers.  We’d all love to make an extra buck when we can.

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