How To Save Money On Office Supplies

| May 31, 2010

Even though most of us have a sewing / craft / alteration business of some kind, we still use computers, printers and a variety of office supplies.  Think about the stapler, paper clips, scotch tape, envelopes in addition to the paper for the printer and ink cartridges or toner cartridges for the printers.  How can […]

Project Tutorial: Portable Chalk Mat with Storage Pocket

| May 27, 2010

My five year old son just graduated from kindergarten last week and now I’m faced with the prospect of entertaining him and his four year old quadruplet siblings all summer long so I really think this portable chalk mat is a great idea, of course I’ll probably have to make five of them!  Maggie Reno […]

Project Tutorial: Custom Fitted Elastic Dress in One Hour

| May 25, 2010

I absolutely love this project tutorial by Nicole Vasbinder posted at the Craftzine Blog!  Check out her step-by-step photographic instructions for creating this beautiful, custom-fitted dress in just one hour using elastic thread.  Nicole shares some terrific tips that show how quick and easy it can be to sew with elastic thread.  It’s already in […]

How To Keep Your Website Alive And Growing

| May 24, 2010

Everyone knows that simply having a website doesn’t necessarily generate sales.  The key to keeping that website alive and growing is all about traffic!  When individuals visit your website / blog and like what they see, they’ll most likely come back again and again. A good way to get that traffic coming back is by […]

Lots of Great Deals at Michael’s During Coupon Bonanza

| May 21, 2010

I love Michael’s because they always have lots of inexpensive activities to keep the kids busy, their $1 deals are awesome (I just stocked up on pink journals with my initial on them), and in addition to the craft supplies that I crave, they have neat stuff for the house.  Of course the best part […]

How to Setup and Run a Blog for Your Business

| May 20, 2010

You can setup and run a blog for your business with very little expense, and in just a few simple steps!  Read our “7 Reasons You Need a Blog for Your Business” post if you’re still not sure that you need one 😉 then come back here and let’s get started on your blog! 1)  […]

How To Make a “Separate Band” Elastic Waistband

| May 19, 2010

Last week we gave instructions on how to make a “self band” elastic waist band, and today we’re going to make a “separate” band for the elastic waist skirts and slacks.           This method is suitable only for knits with stretch, and is the method used by most of the expensive brands of women’s clothing.  […]

How To Make Extra Money With Your Website/Blog

| May 17, 2010

The main, and probably only, reason many of us have an online web presence is to increase the amount of income into our businesses.   The “work at home” sewing, craft or alteration business is our livelihood and income needed for bills, put food on the table and even extras like perhaps a vacation! The internet […]

Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Ends 5/15

| May 14, 2010

The 2010 annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, sponsored by Cheap Chic Weddings, ends tomorrow so you’d best hurry if you’d like to enter.  Contestants are allowed to use toilet paper, glue, tape, and a needle and and thread to put together a wedding dress.  The prizes are as follows: Grand Prize $1000 Second Prize $500 Third Prize $250 […]

7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

| May 13, 2010

Are blogs really important for businesses?  Lots of people think that only big companies need to have blogs, but Technorati says in their State of the Blogosphere report that they have indexed over 133 million blogs since 2002, and that 77% of Internet users read blogs.  Of the bloggers surveyed, 56% said that their blog […]