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April 2010
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Need New Toys For Your Customer Waiting Area?

Actually, this post could be “Need new toys for your grandchildren when they come to visit?” or “Need a new product to sell at the next craft fair?”, but sometimes it seems like the toy corner of a customer waiting area gets pretty skimpy!  Not many toys, and the ones you have available are over used and starting to come apart.  Well, here’s new idea for toys.

I ran across a tutorial at AVeryRedKitchen.blogspot for making alphabet beanbags out of old t-shirts.  Check out this picture:


Katie has done a wonderful job of putting together a tutorial for these alphabet bean bags.  She has capital letters on one side and lower case letters on the other side.

After making a set of these bean bags, you can put a small basket in one corner and let the kids play!  I have tons of old t-shirts that have been “begging” to be recycled into something useful!  Looks like I can use the bodies of the t’s for a project and the sleeves for the alphabet bean bags.  Thanks a million, Katie for this great tutorial!

For additional ideas of projects to make for yourself, your customer waiting area, or for the next craft fair, visit PatternsThatFitYou for some free ideas, and Patterns2Go for tons of crafty ideas for men, women, children, neighbors, relatives — anybody you’d want to make something for!

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