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March 2010
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Does A Holiday Affect Your Sewing Business?

It would appear that the no brainer answer to this question would be a “yes, Holidays bring in more business”, but we repeatedly get questions about what to do about Holidays because it seems that “when a holiday is coming up my customers disappear until a week or so after the holiday is past”.  So, our question back to those of you who have this problem – what are you doing to prepare FOR the Holiday?

I would suggest that at least a month or six weeks before an upcoming holiday, think about what you can make to sell that ties in with the holiday.  Easter is coming next week, and it’s a little late for this holiday, but you could have done some fabric Easter baskets, made some little cuddly bunnies for the Mom’s to buy for their children, as well as other little Easter related items to sell.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both coming up very soon, and it is not too early to start making some special Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts that you can put in your customer waiting area to sell.  If you don’t want to make a dozen of each item, how about making just one set of various items and mark the price and a card saying “place your orders early”.   By making one corner of your customer waiting area specifically for “special order” gift items, I believe you’ll find yourself with EXTRA work to do around the holiday.

Make a list of all the holidays for the rest of this year and write beside each one a few ideas of what you can make to sell.  If you have the list handy at all times, you’ll find yourself thinking of additional gift items from time to time that you can add to the list, then a month or two before the holiday arrives, you’ll be ready to start making those gift items that your customers will be able to special order from you.

If you do something special to prepare for extra business for the holidays as they come up, let us know what you do so we can pass it along to our other readers.

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