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March 2010
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SEEDS of Entrepreneurial Spirit

I’m really excited about the opportunity to attend the BlogHer convention this year as I’m looking forward to networking with and learning from some of the best and brightest bloggers around!  Unfortunately, it will not be a cheap trip since the tickets alone cost $298, so I was ecstatic to learn from Jennifer at Hip As I Wanna Be that her sponsor, SEED Power (a line of all natural body care), is also offering a $250 sponsorship to one of her readers through their SEEDS of Inspiration Contest.

I hadn’t heard of SEED so I checked them out and learned about the founders and I was struck by both their entreprenuerial spirit, and their similar story.  The founders are a husband and wife team who were nearing their 40s when they started their family and began the intensive process of detoxifying their lives.  My husband and I also followed a similar path as we struggled with infertility issues and credit having five healthy children now in great part to developing better habits and living a healthier lifestyle. 

As they were researching ways to simplify and detoxify they found themselves faced with a business opportunity that would help them to help others fulfill this same need.  Born from research showing that drinking red wine has beneficial health effects, their all natural line of skin care products is made from grape seeds, a natural byproduct of the winemaking process.  Their inspiring story demonstrates how those with the willingness to work hard and the desire to achieve can create their own entrepreneurial opportunities that allow them to design a career doing something they really love.

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