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February 2010
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Can Sewers MAKE MONEY Clipping Coupons?

Anybody who is in the sewing/crafting/alterations business would probably laugh at the title of this post.  In the past I would have laughed as well.

Denise, over at ShopperStrategy has a  post entitled “How To Make $100/Hour Clipping Coupons” that I found very interesting.  Apparently the Wall Street Journal has an article written by Brett Arends who writes the daily Return On Investment column, who has “done the math” on how to make that $100/hour clipping coupons.

Mr. Arends has made a believer out of me.  Now I’m saying “Hello” to, to JoAnns, and all the drug stores and grocery stores I can think of!

To tell the truth, I’ve been using those JoAnns coupons for a long time because I figure any little bit of saving that I can do on my “craft” fabrics, the more the bottom line profit will be – I just never put 2 and 2 together to figure out the money being made by using those coupons.

Head on over to ShopperStrategy and read the post and check it out for yourself.  Let us know how you do on this “new’ way of making money in your sewing business.

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