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February 2010
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Are You Retired, But Need Extra Money?

We realize that not all of our readers are currently active in the sewing / crafting / alteration businesses.  Some of you are doing other jobs, or have NO job, and are looking for information about starting your own business.  In addition, there are some who are retired, but thanks to the economy their retirement nest eggs have disappeared, so are now looking for ways to supplement their loss of retirement income.

The internet is a great place to start looking for extra income.  If you DO have your own business you can begin to promote it online with a blog or your own website.  For those just looking for extra income, a blog can be a perfect way to begin.  We’ve previously had posts relating to blogging and some of the places you can set up a blog.   You don’t even have to have anything immediately to sell on your new blog.  Do some searches for things you’ve always enjoyed and find affiliates for items you can put along the sidebar of your blog.  Many companies have affiliate programs for items they sell, such as the affiliate program for — you can find items all related to sewing for example, or if you’re a dog lover, you can find affiliate programs for pet related items.

As you write your own posts on the blog, your readers will also be looking at what else you have available, and perhaps be clicking on those affiliate links, and when they purchase the item, you’ve just made some money.  All affiliate programs pay differently – some pay a few cents per click, some pay a dollar or more per sale, and some, such as pay a certain percentage of the total sale (Coupon Clutch pays 7% of every sale to you). 

If you are a writer, you could write your own booklet on information you’ve accumulated over the years – make that information into a downloadable ebook, then offer your own information for sale.

If you are a retired teacher you could check out the schools that are offering online classes, and perhaps become affiliated with them as an instructor.

Regular full-time and part-time jobs in most towns and cities are pretty slim, and not too many businesses are hiring right now, so perhaps the internet could be the answer for you extra income needs.

I would like to make one thing clear about affiliate and internet marketing, whether you’re marketing your own items, or those from somebody else — there is never a guarantee as to how much money you’ll be making.  That part time job may pay $8 / hour and you may work 15 hours a week to equal a certain amount of net income.  Online marketing usually starts out slowly as word gets out about your products, your blog and/or your website, then starts to grow over time.  All things considered, the time spent with your online marketing could generate a very nice amount of extra income for you.

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