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January 2010
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Do You Do Sewing For Women?

We talk from time to time about the huge market there is for sewing for plus size boys and girls (take a look around and you’ll see how true this is!)

However, we rarely mention increasing your services by doing specialty sewing for plus size and full figure women.  At the BigBeautifulPeople website you will find pattern making classes that will teach you how to take the individual woman’s measurements and make patterns specifically for her.  In addition we do have a few ready made patterns that you can use for the 1-5x sizes.

While you’re expanding your business to take in the plus size and full figure women, why not include some sewing for men?  Again at BigBeautifulPeople we have a pattern making class on how to make patterns for the big, tall and large men.

We’ve found that if you want to make patterns for your customers, we suggest that you start with the basics — skirts and slacks.  These are usually the harder garments for full figure women to get to fit, but are the easier ones for you as a pattern maker to make.

Use the pattern making classes to make a few patterns for yourself, just to get comfortable doing the pattern making, then go ahead and talk to your customers about doing patterns for them.

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