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January 2010
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Update To Increasing Profits By Increasing Services

Last week I did a post encouraging people to step “outside the box”, as they say, in order to increase profits by increasing services.  This week I have a perfect example of doing just that!

Denise, my daughter and business partner, has 4 year old quadruplet “babies” and an older son who is 5 (as many of you already know).  The economy and job situation has hit them pretty hard, and wouldn’t you know – those 5 children are literally eating them out of house and home.

Denise had always been a coupon clipper, but had never been an extreme couponer, and never truly understood what you can do with a little planning.  With a large family to feed, she decided she needed to step up the couponing a notch or two.   She did all the research to figure out how to use all the coupons to her greatest advantage and now (after only several months of diligent couponing), she consistently is saving 60-80% on her grocery store and drug store bills by using coupon deals, freebies and rebates.  She has a wealth of information plus the latest deals, freebies, etc on her ShopperStrategy blog.

After all that information, I’ll get to where she stepped “outside the box” in order to increase her sewing profits by increasing her services.

Her coupon clipping, saving and organizing turned into a nightmare with the small check organizer type holder she was using.   Hmmmmm, she figured with this economy she wasn’t the only one clipping coupons, therefore she figured others were having the same problem of what to do with all the coupons they were collecting.

The pattern design talent came to the surface immediately!  What she needed was a larger coupon organizer.  Not just anything would work – she wanted something that would look like a designer tote for her coupons.  She immediately set to work on a pattern and came up with her now very popular Coupon Clutch.  Check out how much this coupon carrier DOES look like a designer tote:


In addition to hand making each of the coupon clutches, she also has made available her pattern for the coupon clutch for those who would prefer to select their own “designer” fabric for the tote.

She also carries a selection of 3, 6 and 9 pocket replacement coupon pages, and upon checking, I’ve found that her Deluxe Binder Organizer System costs less than trying to buy the pocket pages, tabbed dividers, etc. each separately from an office supply store.

Check out both to get the latest information on freebies, deals and coupons, and to see all of the designer tote coupon carriers.

What are YOU working on in order to step “outside the box” and start increasing your profits?

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