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January 2010
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How Business Books Jumpstart Your Home Business!

As unemployment continues to skyrocket, every week there are more and more people losing their jobs, reaching the end of unemployment dollars or having their hours cut back so far they can no longer make ends meet.   Now is the time to look into starting your own home business.  There are many home businesses that can literally be started “on a shoestring” as they say.

First, assess your own skills to determine what type of home business you would like to do.  Are you handy with tools?  Do you have a sewing machine?

Probably the most popular business manual we’ve ever had is the “Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business” manual.  With a depressed economy, millions of people are going “back to basics”, which includes digging out their dusty sewing machines from attics, garages and closets.  These sewing machines need to be checked out or maybe minor repairs done before the owners can set them up for daily or weekly use.  Any person (men, women and teenagers) who are handy with tools can easily get set up with this business!

Our “Profitable Clothing Alterations Business” manual is flying off the shelf.  This is probably the fastest and easiest home business a person could get into.  All you need is a sewing machine and you’re ready to go!  (Everyone I know that has a sewing machine also has a stash of thread so you don’t even have to go out and buy that!)  The Clothing Alteration manual gives quick and easy information on how to get yourself set up to do alterations in your home, how to get the word out and probably best of all, tells you how to get some FREE advertising to get some money rolling in quickly.

The third area I’d like to bring to your attention would probably be the fastest growing business you could imagine.  Check around in your area – in restaurants, schools and malls — just look at all the overweight and obese children!  Next, look at the clothes they are wearing.  Are they wearing clothes so tight that the bottom of the shirt doesn’t meet up with the waist on the pants/skirt?  Are the clothes skin tight and look like the child is about to pop out of them?  Or, are the clothes big and sloppy, so they look like they’re 3-4 sizes too big, but necessary to make the stomach area fit?

Sewing For Plus Size Children is an area that has long been overlooked!  The heavy and overweight children would LOVE to have nice fitting clothes and stylish clothes, and you can jump right into that area of sewing immediately!  There are two ways you could go about sewing for plus size children – first, you could spend a little time learning how to make patterns for the specific child you are sewing for OR, if you prefer to just sew from ready made patterns, Sewing For Plus Size Children has a complete section of ready made patterns to choose from that have been made using actual plus size measurements.

The business manual “Sewing For Plus Size Children As A Home Business” tells you what you need to know to start sewing for the overweight children, in addition to giving you all of the pattern making and pattern altering classes for boys and girls.  We even give resources on where to get supplies and notions wholesale in order to save you money while you’re getting your business up and running.

Don’t wait another day and get deeper in debt — assess your abilities and get a home business started.

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