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December 2009
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Add “Writing” To Your New Years’ Projects

Christmas is over and the New Year is just around the corner, and if you’re like the rest of us in a home based business, we’re trying to add to or enhance what we already have in order to increase sales for next year.

One of the best ways that I can think of to add to your income is by “writing” — writing articles, write a book, write instruction booklets and similar types of writing.

There is a lady here in town that was doing classes for the local Bernina Sewing Machine dealer at the same time that I was doing pattern making classes for the dealer (this was the dealer’s way of getting new people into the store, and possibly sell more sewing machines).

The lady I’m talking about did demonstrations and classes on how to use the various feet that came with the Bernina sewing machine.  She had typed up instruction sheets that included drawings of how the stitches would look with the feet.  Each class would feature one of the feet and all the things you could do with that particular foot.  She was a very good instructor and had perfected the uses of those  Bernina feet so well that word spread about her expertise and the classes were always full.

After a time, she decided to get her instructions typed up with more professional looking photos and put them together into little booklets to sell.  Those same booklets are now being sold at a major sewing catalog company.

The reason for this story is that YOU could be the next person to be a success with writing up the information that you use in your classes and make it available over the internet.

Another success story would be my own husband, Reuben, who was a sewing machine repairman for nearly 30 years.  We all kept hounding him to write up the information on doing the sewing machine repairs so that women could do their own repairs right in their own homes rather than having to take the machines out to a repair shop.   He FINALLY did what we (and people online who kept writing and asking how to do this repair and that repair) were wanting him to do.  His Sewing Machine Repair for the Home Sewer is now the best selling book we have, and the sales have increased as the economy has done such a decline that people all over are going back to doing their own sewing. 

An additional “success story” is our own daughter!  In high school she was involved in many activities which didn’t allow her to have “set” hours for a part time job.  Her solution?  Because she loved to sew she went to dry cleaners to see if she could do their alterations.  This was a win/win situation – she could do the alterations late at night, early in the morning or on weekends when the cleaners weren’t open — AND the dry cleaners manager didn’t have to have an hourly paid employee (with added benefits).  This worked perfectly throughout high school, and she later wrote about how to start an alteration business  in her popular Profitable Clothing Alteration Business book.    THEN, she helped pay for college expenses by writing her still best selling book, 101 Ways To Tie A Scarf.

Why not get started writing your own success story —- if you need a little help getting started, visit the Write E Books That Sell website and get a copy, then start putting together YOUR information into books, booklets or articles to sell.

The new year will be full of opportunities for those who want to expand their businesses.  Add “writing” at the top of your new years resolutions, then see how you can increase your own sales in the new year.

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