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December 2009
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Coupons – Buzz Word In This Economy

If you have a business where you can issue a “coupon”, you’ll be on the road to additional sales! 

A few years ago we sent out “gift certificates” in the amount of $5.00 or $10.00 good on the customers’ next purchase from our catalog, or listing of books in the back cover of a book they’d just purchased.  It was surprising how many of those “gift certificates” would come back to us in the weeks or months after the sale to be used on the next order.

With the economy as it is, a “gift certificate” or “15% off your next order” just doesn’t quite sound as good to customers as giving a “$5.00 off coupon” or $10.00 off coupon” to the customer.  Of course, as with all coupons that you can get online or in Sunday Newspapers, you have to name the limits of the coupons.  You can give the $5.00 coupon with the comment readily visible “good on your next $25.00 order”, or have the statement on the $10.00 coupon “good on orders over $50.00”.

Think about it – that $10 “coupon” which is good on the customers’ next order over $50.00, actually makes that order $40, a savings of $10.00 in their pocket – AND a great sale for you.  You may not realize how many people will “find” an extra item or two to order to reach that $50.00 amount so they can use the coupon.

If you’re in the alteration business a simple coupon giving the customer “50 cents off your next hemming job” or if you can do “75 cents off your next hemming job”, you may get business that would have gone to the dry cleaners down the street.  Make up some of the coupons and give them out to people at work, friends to pass out or tack some of them up at the post office or fabric shop.

Think of any way that you can be giving out a coupon for dollars off or cents off a particular item or money off a certain dollar amount they spend, then watch the extra dollars come in.  There are many coupon “clubs” in our area that are teaching people to shop with those that give coupons, so this is the time to get in on the coupon activity to increase your profits.

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