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December 2009
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Finding Christmas Clothes for Plus Size Children

We’ve be overwhelmed with requests for our Altering Store Bought Patterns For Plus Size Children — mothers and grandmothers are writing to say “The Christmas program is fast approaching and I simply can’t find anything suitable for my overweight daughter / granddaughter to wear!”  Another grandmother purchased the Altering Patterns class and said:  “I have a granddaughte who is autistic and her measurements fit no one’s chart due to sensory and eating issues.  Violin recital coming up fast.  Thanks so much for offering this class!”

It appears that there are many beautiful dresses out there as well as little suits for the boys, but almost nothing for the plus size and overweight children.  There is still time to get a pattern that’s “close” to the overweight childs’ measurements and do the proper alterations on it, as written in our Altering Patterns for Plus Size Boys and Girls class  so they also can have the beautiful garments for the Christmas Season.

And for those of you who want to expand on your sewing abilities and actually be able to MAKE the patterns according to the measurements of your plus size and overweight children and grandchildren so that all their garments will fit properly, check out the variety of pattern making classes we have for children at PatternsThatFitYou

As a grandmother myself with an overweight grandchild, the pattern making and pattern altering classes were the ONLY way we got clothes to fit that child.

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