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November 2009
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Holiday Sale & Yard Sale Goes Hand in Hand

I have just figured out another GREAT way to sell your craft items – get rid of some of your fabric scraps and make some extra money!

Do you live in an area where you hold yard sales or garage sales from time to time?  Or if you live in a subdivision perhaps you can organize a “multi-family” yard sale which will draw even more people to the area.

Our subdivision puts together a semi-annual yardsale – one in April/May and the other around the end of Oct / first part of November.   Last Saturday was the Fall yardsale and I did something I’ve never done before, and I’m here to tell you I’ll be doing it again!

Along with all my racks of kids clothes, outgrown toys and tables of miscellaneous things, this time I made a “gift” table.  For the previous couple of weeks I’d made an assortment of gift items from my fabric scraps and leather scraps.  I went through my Sewing With Leather book and my folders of patterns I’d downloaded from Patterns2Go to see what could be made easily, quickly and cheaply that I could sell.  My gift table was full of toys for kids, stocking stuffer items, gift items that could be given to teachers, neighbors, etc.  I even put a very small Christmas tree on the table and had a sign that read “buy your Christmas gifts early”.  The prices were very good (I’d used scraps to make the items, so really didn’t have much invested in them so could mark them very inexpensively).

My gift table was the most popular spot in the driveway and by noon I was wishing I’d spent more time making extra gift items.

The whole point is this — the yard sale was scheduled and I decided to use it as a “craft” show as well by adding my gift table.  I realize it’s a little late to start organizing something  for this year, but mark it on your calendar so you’ll be prepared to do your own yard sale / craft show next year.  What a great way to use up a bunch of those scraps and bring in extra dollars for Christmas spending!

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