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November 2009
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Enter to Win a Gorgeous Pair of Collectible Gingher Scissors

'Sarah' Series Designer Gingher Dressmaker's Shears

'Sarah' Series Designer Gingher Dressmaker's Shears

We’re excited to announce our first annual Holiday Giveaway!  You can enter to win this gorgeous pair of 8″ Gingher Designer “Sarah” Series Dressmaker’s Shears in a gift tin with sheath, PLUS a length of pattern paper.  The “Sarah” series has been retired and currently retails for up to $99.99, and the value of these collectibles tend to rise as they become more scarce.  Use them as a special gift for the holiday’s, or keep them as a gift for yourself.  Better yet – USE them to make gifts for other people.

To enter, simply reply to this post with a comment about your favorite fall or holiday project, or submit a link to a favorite fall themed project tutorial.  You can also get a second entry if you post a link on your blog or website to this giveaway page, or add us to your blogroll.  Just email us at to let us know that you qualify for a second entry.

Enter by Saturday, November 28th and we’ll announce the winner on Monday, November 30th.  Good luck and enjoy all of your holiday creating!

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87 Responses to “Enter to Win a Gorgeous Pair of Collectible Gingher Scissors”

  1. Gaileee says:

    My favorite fall sewing project so far is adding ruffles to clothing! Adding fabric bands and ruffles to sports t-shirt and turning them into dresses for my toddler. Adding a fabric coordinating ruffle to her dark jeans (that have become a bit too short) helps to tie together the outfit.

    I get lots of comments whenever she wears these outfits, and “where did I buy” this set of clothing. People are always amazed that I made the outfit, and I tell them that it is really easy to do, once you have figured out how to use your ruffle attachment. Because, I’m not the greatest sewer, I’m just a beginner.

    I have a pair of embroidery gingher sizzors, that I really like. The larger ones would be great to have to help cut out fabric.

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.


  2. Karen Mulkey says:

    I’m excited about sewing a winter coat as there are so many new great patterns out there this season. Trimming the coat along the collar and center front (possible sleeves) with some narrow fake fur is a great possibility. My grandmother was a furrier so I grew up loving fur but the fake fur was kinda yucky until the latest technology of today won me over!

    I’ve had my gingher sissors for 30+ years now and wouldn’t use any other brand. I’d love to win a pair for my daughter who has recently joined my love of sewing


  3. Vicky Kennedy says:

    My favorite fall project is Christmas stockings. Each year I make a new stocking for my grandchild with her name and the year embroidered on it. She will have keepsakes from Nana and Christmas memories to share for years to come. Gingher scissors would be a welcome help to my sewing. Vicky

  4. Jill says:

    I am finishing up some wine bottle Christmas tree covers and am busy planning a stocking for our preciuos new grandson’s first Christmas!

  5. Cindy Murphy says:

    My favorite fall project is an autum table runner with beautiful fall colors and detailed embroidery. I am going to present to my mom when we all gather for Thanksgiving at her house.

  6. Sarah Schimeck says:

    My favorite fall project so far is a quilt I’m working on for my 3-year-old for her Christmas present. It’s got great greens and pinks in it. While I’m a good piecer, I’m not as well practiced at machine quilting, so I’m excited to stretch my abilities a bit (and nervous I’ll get it wrong).

    I’ll also be working on some cushion covers for the big reading pillows my two sons have (also Christmas presents), and it will be a great opportunity to practice more involved (3-dimensional) sewing.


  7. samanthas says:

    My favorite project for this time of year is making blankets, nothing says I love you more than warmth and soft fabric.
    So I make fleece blankets for the family. Never too many blankets:-)
    So that being said, a nice pair of scissors would be wonderful!!!!

  8. Gingher is my all-time favorite brand! Our favorite fall project is making garlands. We make felt garlands using the shapes of pumpkins and turkeys. The kids string the giant felt shapes together and we hang them around the house.

  9. mel says:

    Pajamas are my favorite holiday project. You can find a flannel or cotton print to match just about anybody’s hobbies or interests, or go with a holiday theme. Pajamas are great for lounging, so everyone can enjoy them.

  10. Teresa says:

    My favorite holiday project is making costumes for the following year. I go to six or seven Renaissance Festivals on average during the year and make my own “garb” as it’s made to fit me exactly – I love my Duct Tape Dummy! – plus it’s much cheaper than buying the costumes. This year, my aunt is coming to the Louisiana festival with me, so I’m making her a beautiful gown and cape so she can be in garb with me. It’s been wonderful! My aunt is a beautiful senior lady, the gown is going to be gorgeous on her, and I’ve enjoyed so much sharing this with her.

  11. Iris Stump says:

    my favorite way to decorate for fall is a tradition we have of setting out a beautiful bowl and slips of paper and a pen, then each member of the family can write on a slip of paper what they are thankful for that day, they then add the slip of paper to the bowl . On Thanksgiving day while we are eating our dessert we take turns reading what was written on the slips of papers that are in the bowl , it’s a great way for each of us to give thanks every day and then share our thoughts with each other on the holiday itself.

  12. Julie says:

    My favorite projects are making new decorations for fall and Christmas. I like to make things to decorate the house. I also love to make flannel pj pants.

  13. Angela says:

    My fall project right now is making pillows out of some fabulous bird fabric I bought some time ago. I have just refurbished a singer 401A and this is my inaugural project on it. If I complete the pillows in time, my goal is to make a holiday tablecloth.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  14. becky says:

    favorite project—-do i have to pick? Right now i am working on things for the kids for christmas. List includes: pillow cases, bed pockets, snuggly fleece pants, and little pouches.

  15. mairmie says:

    Each November I start sewing(and knitting) items for Christmas gifts. I enjoy doing this so very much and find the recipients are always very pleased with the gifts. I visit many craft websites before beginning my Fall projects in order to get new ideas.

  16. Helen Rooney says:

    My big project for the holidays will be pencil rolls like the ones in this tutorial:

  17. Delma Saunders says:

    My project for this Christmas is to make a Christmas pillow case for each of my 45 grandchildren–the latest of which was born this morning!–as well as my 8 great granchildren. I just about have the fabric chosen–the rest is just a matter of time.

  18. i do alteration as a home buisness.i would love a pair of giingher sizzors.
    i have not

  19. Marsha Lockhart says:

    My least favorite fall project is raking leaves and disposing of them. With that nasty job out of the way, I can get back to my sewing room where I have several projects in the works.

  20. Kathi says:

    My favorite fall project was making my son and dil and grandson their Halloween costumes! They were Barney, Betty and Bam Bam Rubble!! Fun and cute 😉

  21. gina snyder says:

    My favorite fall project is making holiday kitchen towels. There are so many options. Patchwork, applique, machine or hand embroidery. An inexpensive way to dress up your kitchen!


  22. naglaa metwally says:

    thank for every thing

  23. Mary Howard says:

    Christmas presents for the grandchildren are at the top of my list. I too am making flannel pajamas. The boys are getting airplanes and helicopters, and the girls are getting butterflies. I have made several rag quilts over the last several months, and my daughter in law has suggested a “rag skirt” for my oldest granddaughter, age 9. I haven’t yet bought the fabric, but I am picturing a light weight denim if it is not too stiff.

    Thank you for the great resources. I am learning to love to sew all over again. I am much more confident about making things that fit. Happy Sewing!

  24. Tas says:

    Well, down under it is Spring rather than Autumn. Having our 1st heatwave this week. So I am enjoying making some summery bags for swaps and giveaways.

  25. Marsha Lockhart says:

    With Halloween and leaf raking behind me,I am thinking turkeys, pumpkin pie and sewing Christmas gifts. I have10 pair of flannel pajamas and fleece jackets for 5 grandchildren, in the works.

  26. Lindsey says:

    one of my favorite christmas time craft is making scarfts. but right now I’m making a jumper for a three year old from a pattern I created.

  27. Christine Iannazzo says:

    Being relatively new to sewing I have made some of the simpler, beginner friendly projects. I have made a beautiful dress for my 3 year old daughter from 2 red bandanas. I have made srting back packs for my 8 year old son from outgrown t shirts. I have plans to make dresses and skirts for my daughter and a quilt from special t shirts for my son. The kids get so excited picking out projects and matieral. I only hope that I can make the projects well and not disappoint them. Since I am a beginner I don’t have all of the necessary equipment like proper scissors and a sewing machine. So far I have made all of my projects by hand sewing. We are always on the lookout for kid friendly and beginner friendly projects. The kids and I are learning how to sew together. It’s a great hobby we can all share. Thank you. I have gotten some great ideas from fellow posters. Have a great holiday season everyone.

  28. Garilyn Sponseller says:

    My favorite fall/winter crafts are any items I decide to make for Christmas gifts, ie. lap quilts, quilted jackets, etc.

  29. I recently was given a gift certificate to This website is full of great sewing ideas and fabrics. I saw the cutest project for the fall/holiday season! I can’t wait to try it myself!

  30. kim vogt says:

    When fall has finally arrived I get in the mood to make Christmas stockings. We have new friends in the neighborhood with children and, of course, we will be grandparents again very soon.

    Along with the stockings I like to make soft ornaments of different colors adding glitter, sequins and crystals for a bit of sparkle. My grandaughter is very artistic and likes to help make the ornaments also. Christmas is the most joyous time of year and I like to make the most of it.

  31. Robin says:

    My favorite fall sewing project is making new cushions for all the chairs and sitting areas. Fall to me is like a new beginning and like to freshen up the house just before it is closed up for the winter.

  32. Lela says:

    My favourite holiday project is making christmas cards with my children. I just love the idea of making handmade cards as a family and then handing them out.

    My favourite holiday sewing project is making outfits for each of my children to wear on christmas day.

  33. I love to find a great fabric in the thrift store and use it in an art quilt.

  34. Angela says:

    My favorite fall project so far is to make aprons for my family members for Christmas gifts. I love to dig through all my fabric to try and match their personalities to the print of the fabric and the style of the apron. No frillies for Uncle Frank! LOL

  35. Jandi says:

    My favorite holiday projects are quilting and baking sugar cookies with my kids. Nothing gears me up for turning on the oven and pulling out the fabric stash like cold weather!

  36. Rebecca Wolf says:

    I am working on a Waldorf doll for my second daughter for Christmas. My first daughter’s doll will receive a new set of clothes. I love the feel of these soft, hand- and heart-made dolls for my children!

  37. Liz B says:

    My favorite holiday project was making a stocking for my grandmother. She knitted great giant Christmas stockings for all of her grandchildren when they were born, and I found out a few years ago that she had never, in 75 years, had her own Christmas stocking. I found some green velvet and a coordinating cotton Christmas print and made a simple stocking, then asked all of her grandchildren to contribute something small to it for Christmas morning. When she saw the stocking with her name embroidered on it, we all just melted along with her.
    It was a one-time project, but my all-time favorite!
    Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  38. kristen f. says:

    favorite holiday project = making christmas pillowcases, christmas cards and christmas stockings 🙂

  39. cathiet says:

    I’m excited about taking part in my first ornament swap. I get to have fun making ornaments for others and then I get to have fun receiving their creations.

  40. […] enter, go to Sewing Buiness and simply comment about your favorite fall or holiday project, or submit a link to a favorite fall […]

  41. Donajo Medeiros says:

    My favorite fall project is finishing up a pictorial quilt I stated this spring. I am designing it as I go along, but basically it is a cloth picture of the River Jordan in Israel with the Jordanian hills above it. It represents the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, and will hang above my church’s baptistry. Some good scissors like Gingher will greatly add to the success of this most enjoyable project.

  42. Greta Torres says:

    I love simple crafts that result in holiday ornaments. My favorite kind of Christmas tree is not theme based but full of variety, homemade ornaments and memories.

  43. gill says:

    my fave projects at the moment include anything with yo-yos!!

  44. Amanda Hale says:

    Try sharing the enjoyment of sewing with any children you may know with this very simple autumn project…A fleece scarf. You might even help a young one make some for his/her family. Kids love knowing they made it , It is fairly simple to get a good result with this project, there are a wealth of prints/colors out there, and it doesn’t take a lot of material. (you can run it cross grain–a58″, the width of many fleeces, is more than long enough for a child).

    Autumny, this project helps spread a love of sewing. makes a great gift, inexpensive, gives warmth to the recipient inside and out–how can you go wrong?

    Have fun!

    For detailed instructrions and ideas see this link:

  45. Alma Lou says:

    love making holiday decorations of any type!
    Often I personalize stockings with embroidery, but always consider the individual when I select fabric and shape.
    In addition, I like to make quilting projects such as runners, wall hangings, and tree skirts. I usually incorporate machine embroidery techniques. One of my favorite projects is to make angels and nativity characters–especially the wise men, either using a type of paper mache or with porcelain heads.

    Even so, I find time to make that special outfit for the holidays.

  46. Holly says:

    My favorite fall project at the moment is making dolls! Great for gifts, and I’m waiting on some felt so that I can make small angel-dolls that I can use and gift as ornaments! What a great blog!

  47. grace says:

    My favorite fall craft is making fabric bags for Christmas gifts (gotta start early!!!)
    I would LOVE to have these scissors. Thanks.

  48. Paula Shimmel says:

    My favorite fall projects are the scarves, hats and mittens I get to make. I also enjoy all the evening spent quietly sewing Christmas gifts for everyone.

  49. Neda. B says:

    Probably my favorite fall project is making the most basic thing socks, you an never have ebough of them. I like the, becouse there’s nothing else that can make you warmer then them(well maybe exept a fur coat). I mostly like them to be colourful, becouse sometimes when you’re felling badly and your searching for that peace of bright colors you cant find it in winter or fall, so I just look at my funky socks. Thank you for the giveaway BTW. xoxo Neda

  50. Jenny S says:

    I love working in my garden during the warmer months, so when all the work is done for the season, I love coming in to putter in my tiny studio. I am a novice at most fiber arts, but I do enjoy making odd scrarves and hats for the cold months. I am working on some mosaic projects for gifts, too, but I hope to pick up some embroidery, too. There are so many wonderful sites, full of great ideas…if I ever did all of the projects on my list I wouldn’t have room in my house to move.

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