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October 2009
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How To Bring Bobbin Thread Up

How do you bring the bobbin thread up from the bobbin area after changing a bobbin?  Did you know there is an actual “correct” procedure for bringing the bobbin thread up from the bobbin?

The correct way of bringing the bobbin thread up after changing the bobbin is as follows:


A.  While holding the top thread with the left hand, turn the handwheel with the right hand until the needle is all the way down into the bobbin area.

B.  Keep holding the thread and rotating the handwheel, bring the needle up to the highest point.  As the needle comes up, a loop of bobbin thread will come up with it.  Pull on the top thread to draw up more of the bobbin thread.

C.  Turn loose of the top thread, and pull on the loop of the bobbin thread to bring up the free end of the bobbin thread.

D.  Pass both the top and bobbin threads under the presser foot and take them back toward the right.  Both thread ends should be at least 4″ long to prevent them from being pulled into the bobbin and jamming as you begin sewing.

Before beginning the sewing process, lay both threads under and toward the back of the presser foot – hold them gently as you begin to sew.  This will prevent the threads from being pulled into the bobbin area and jamming.

This may be “old hat” information to many of you; however if you are teaching children or adults how to sew, this would be excellent information to print out and give them for a reference.

**The above information is an excerpt from the Sewing Machine Repair for the Home Sewer book.

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