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October 2009
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Sewing Businesses Help Customers Save Money

How can you in sewing businesses help your customers save money?  I truly believe this Holiday Season will see fewer gifts given, and those who will be giving gifts will be looking for “deals”.

The current economy, where people are losing jobs left and right, where homes are being foreclosed on and where those who DO have a job are seeing their hours drastically cut is making for a bleak Christmas.  Where will the extra money come from for those Christmas gifts, party outfits and new Christmas clothes for the kids?

One big way that those in  sewing businesses can  help out, and we’ve touched on this before, is to dig into the scrap boxes!  You probably have big enough scraps to make some infant / toddler size dresses, pants and blouses that you can have priced at a very nominal fee.  In addition, use those scraps to make a wide variety of toys for all ages, book marks and initial pillows for the teens, all of which can be very nominally priced because you’ve actually just used your “time” in making them, as the scraps are left overs from other paid jobs.

If you need ideas for things to make, “Nursery Room Projects” and “Sewing With Leather” can give you ideas, in addition to checking out Patterns2Go for free patterns and cheap patterns that you can use for those toys and other Christmas items.  Check out some tutorials at PatternsThatFitYou for additional ideas for projects.

After you’ve made a bunch of items, arrange them in your sewing room or customer waiting area, and take a few pictures.  Head down to the local newspaper to talk to one of the editors and let them know what YOU’RE doing to help the economy in your area — let them know you’ve made dozens of toys, infant / toddler outfits, etc and have marked them far below regular retail prices.  The newspapers are always looking for things to write about for their paper, so you might just get headlined in your daily / weekly paper.

If those who have a sewing business or craft business throughout the country would consider doing this type of scrap sewing for affordable gifts their customers can purchase, perhaps it would help ease the effects the economy is throwing at us, and make Christmas a little brighter for some who have no hopes for a Christmas at all.

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