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October 2009
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How To Make Covered Shoulder Pads

Many professional type garments, such as suits, dresses and some blouses require shoulder pads to complete the look.  But how can you get a professional look with the plain tan or white colored shoulder pads that are available at the stores?

Covering purchased shoulder pads to match garments that you’re making is very easy to do.  This simple tutorial outlines the necessary steps to making those professional looking shoulder pads for your garments.


Cut two 12″ squares of your lining material.  Wrap the lining around the shoulder pad as shown in the first diagram, and pin along the outside edges.  Stitch through all layers, sewing around the pad twice as shown in the  middle diagram.  Trim the fabric even with the outside edges of the covered pad.  The last step is to zigzag the raw edges together  (shown in the 3rd diagram).  Now you are ready to slipstitch the pad into position in your garment.

If you are in a sewing business and make dresses and suits for your customers, it might be good to order a supply of the basic shoulder pads from your supplier to have available for your customers.

This shoulder pad tutorial is an excerpt from “500 Kwik & Easy Sewing Tips”, which is available at

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