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October 2009
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How To Clean Your House Like The Pros Do

The first think you’ll think is “how in the world does this relate to a sewing blog?”  Well, I believe it has everything to do with sewing.   All of us in the sewing / crafting “work at home” field STILL are required to do housework.    Sometimes we get so bogged down with projects / alterations / sewing / kids / cooking, etc, that the housework takes a back burner.  All of a sudden we realize what we’ve done, and have to spend the next few days doing “clean up” on the house.   So, here are a few tips I’ve  gotten from a friend who is in the professional house cleaning business (might even save you some money if you don’t have to buy commercial cleaners):

WINDOWS:  For greasy windows, inside or out, add ammonia to the water.  If the glass is extremely dirty use a little dishwasher detergent in the water, because it’s not too sudsy.

MIRRORS:  Add vinegar to the water to loosen and break up dirt.  The same vinegar solution is also good for cleaning sink fixtures.

MOLD AND MILDEW:  Don’t buy expensive commercial products – simply use a diluted laundry bleach.  Wipe it on the surface with a paint brush, leave it on and most of the mildew will disappear.

BATHROOM TILES:  Use baking soda for bathroom tiles and walls.  It disinfects, gives the bathroom a clean smell and makes the tiles sparkle.  It removes soap and scum from the shower as well.

CARPET ODORS:  Simply sprinkle baking soda over the offending area, leave it there for a couple of hours and vacuum.  The baking soda will help to neutralize the odor.

FLOORS:  To make your floors sparkle without scrubbing, use a wet mop rather than a damp mop.  Use a commercial floor cleaning product or add half a cup of bleach to detergent and water.  Swish the mop around the floor a few times and leave for a few minutes to give the cleaner a chance to absorb the dirt.  You’ll be surprised how clean the floor will be when you use the damp mop to clean up the water/cleaner you’ve left on the floor.

WALLS:  When washing walls you should work from the bottom up, my professional house cleaning friend says, that way you’ll avoid streaking the walls.  When water runs down onto a dirty wall, the streak becomes a stain and is hard to remove; BUT if you wash from the bottom up, the water will run down onto a clean surface and can easily be wiped away.  Use a little liquid dishwashing detergent and a very damp sponge to clean walls, she added.

There you go — get the house cleaned in a jiffy and get back to the sewing and crafting projects!

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