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October 2009
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What Is Niche Marketing?

What is niche marketing, and how do you make money from it?  A “niche” is a small corner of a specific market.  For example, lots of companies have patterns for children, however our NICHE in that market is patterns for PLUS SIZE children.  Our “niche” would be patterns for those heavy, overweight and obese children that the regular patterns won’t fit.

What type of “niche” could you categorize for your sewing or crafting?  Do you make purses that people would die for?  Do you have a knack for putting together the coolest baby / toddler “tag” toys that everybody raves about and requests when it’s gift time?  Is your designer apron portfolio the best in the whole county?  Think about what you love to do and the little “corner” of a specific market you could fit in — that will be your “niche”.

What do you do with your little corner once you’ve identified your niche?  You blog about it, you make a big deal about it on your website, you write informational articles about your niche that you can publish, or put on your blog or website, and in general you want to let everybody know about your little niche.

For example, we put flyers in all of our mail out packages about our Plus Size Childrens patterns and pattern making classes, AND we have a small label (2×4 in size) that we stick on the OUTSIDE of every package we mail.  We figure that those folks working the mail throughout the country’s Post Offices, may just have plus size children themselves and when they see the label they may make a mental note of the website or grab a pen and write it on their hand to remember it.  Another thing we do is make those same 2×4 labels out of regular typing paper, cut them apart and stick them inside every bill we pay – those clerks in the payment offices must surely get bored, so our little advertising label is something I’m sure they’d pick up and read!

Think about YOUR niche and how you can get your items out to the public.

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