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October 2009
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Fall Festival Season Is Here!

Here it is – October 1st, last quarter of the year, and next thing you know, Christmas will be here!

For the present, however, let’s look at the Fall Festival Season, and how you can cash in on the festivals and add to your profit.

Our first festival is this coming Saturday, and we’ve been preparing for it, as well as making extra items for others that are coming up.  There’s just something about the fall — cool, crisp weather — that brings the folks out!

If you don’t actually set up booths at festivals, you can still cash in on them.  for example, we’ve noticed there are tons of rodeos, horse shows and western events all over our area (check it out, there probably are in your area as well).  Considering the increase in sales of our Chaps Pattern, I would venture to say many people are gearing up for these types of shows and events.  So, how can YOU make money from these events?  Check out the Chaps Pattern, and get the word out that you can make “custom fit” chaps, and I can assure you there will be lots of business for you!

Because “western” and “horse” and “rodeo” all bring up the idea of leather products, you can also cash in on items made from leather that these folks would be interested in.  The SewingWithLeather book contains ideas for additional leather products, and of course you can go on from there with ideas of your own, or what customers may suggest to you.

A friend of ours sets up a booth at these western type events and sells “bedazzled” western shirts.   She purchases solid color shirts in assorted sizes, then decorates them with all kinds of jewels in various designs and can you believe she sells them for $150+ EACH!!!  You might just want to attend one of these events and check out what the vendors are selling.  You could come up with ideas of your own – whether you do a booth, or just make the items available in your sewing shop, there is good money to be made with the western theme.

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