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September 2009
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Are You Desperately Looking For A Part Time Job?

There aren’t too many people in this economy who don’t have stories about hours being cut, jobs lost and benefits reduced IF they still have a job.  Many of those unemployed and underemployed are desperately looking for second and third part time jobs just to be able to pay bills and put food on the table.

I’d like to make a suggestion to those of you who are desperately looking for a part time job.  Would you consider doing something from home?  Begin a part time home business.  A part time home business can be cheaper and more flexible than a second or third part time job.

Before you say “OK, let’s do it”, there are some very crucial things to consider.  As we all know, there are no home businesses that will make you rich overnight (at least I’ve never run across any).  Therefore there are some things to think about before jumping into the first thing you think sounds good.

** Choose a type of business that you already know something about.  Do you know how to sew?  Perhaps doing some alterations could bring in extra money.  Perhaps teaching others how to sew would be money for you and very helpful for those you’re teaching.

** Do you have a houseful of “things” that you’ve been wanting to go through and get rid of (outgrown kids clothes, shoes, knick knacks, etc).    Check into eBay  or Craig’s List and see how quickly you can get some of those things listed and sold.  You’ll feel really good about the housecleaning, not to mention the extra dollars you can make.

** Are you mechanically minded?  Think about putting out the word that you can do sewing machine repair — you’ll be surprised at the number of calls you’ll probably be getting as more and more people are digging out the dusty sewing machines so they can start sewing again.

** And speaking of sewing machine repair, I know someone who makes a business of hitting the yard sales, good will shops and flea markets and buys up the old sewing machines for just a few bucks, then repairs them and sells them for a great profit.

While starting your part time home business, choose low-cost marketing tactics, such as flyers hung at the local post offices, fabric shops, get some business cards printed that you can hand out.  Put a small advertising flyer or business card into your local bills when you pay them (power bill, water bill, etc); you never know when the people opening those payments at the utility companies might just need your services.

A part time home business may just be exactly what you need to create the extra money you need, and hopefully enough that you can stick a little away for emergencies.

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