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September 2009
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Make Scrappy Gifts For The Holiday Season

As you probably already know, I’ve been “hit” by something pretty rough – am still taking the daily IV antibiotic therapy treatments at the local hospital and  having to take 2 additional antiobiotic types of pills (been going on since the 10th of Sept).  The doctor says it’s a “severe allergic reaction”, which he believes came from the “hike in the woods with the grandchildren” during the time poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac were in full force out there.  Given the extreme reactions I’d had to poison ivy as a child, he believes it got in my system right at the ankle where the itching was, then the infection “swept” through the system, and instead of swelling the eyes shut as what happened as a child, it just kept pulling me down – tired, swelling legs then swelling arms, etc.   Not sure how much longer I’ll be on all these meds, but until the horrible purple rash clears up on my right ankle, he’s gonna keep me on all of it.

HOWEVER, since the doctor won’t let me do hardly anything but “rest”, I’ve been looking at all my material waiting to be sewn, scraps for projects, sorting the scraps, etc.  All of a sudden, the light bulb went on, and as my daughter would say “two brain cells rubbed together”!  My mountains of scraps are going to be my money maker this Holiday Season!!!

Think about it!  Gifts for yourself to give AND gifts to sell in your customer area AND gifts to sell on ETSY and other places ALL MADE OUT OF YOUR SCRAPS!

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it — thinking of all the things I can make, not only for family gifts, but for selling in my customer waiting area and most likely on ebay as well. 

Think about things like scrap tote bags, leather bead necklaces, kids balls made out of scrap fabric, soft baby blocks,  and one of my favorites for home decor are these Octogan Placemats


There are dozens and dozens of patterns for children, for teens and for adults that can be made from scraps!  Check out Patterns2Go for additional ideas and check out other websites for “scrappy” ideas.

I’m here to tell you that THIS Holiday season IS going to be my most profitable one yet!  It can be YOUR most profitable Holiday season as well, and use up those boxes and bags of scraps.  WHOOHOO!   I can’t believe I thought of this in time to actually do something with the idea for this years’ income!

Get your thinking caps on, and let us know what all you come up with for gifts and to sell, using those scraps and not having to go out and buy new fabrics for the items!

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