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September 2009
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Interview With Jill Green of Homemade By Jill

Refashioned Shirt PillowJill Green of the Homemade By Jill Blog says that she’s been sewing for about three years, and although she is mostly self taught, her mom is a great seamstress so Jill calls on her to help out if she runs into trouble.  A brief stint at Martha Stewart also helped Jill to improve her basic skills through some employee sewing classes.

Jill is a full-time mom and a part-time crafter who generously shares her sewing and craft projects and tips through her blog.  Recent projects include this gorgeous ruffled pillow, which is a refashioned shirt that Jill has now recycled for the second time, a recovered office chair, and my favorite, artwork for her new apartment that she made from blank canvases and tissue paper.

Jill Green of Homemade by Jill

Jill Green of Homemade by Jill

The blog earns Jill enough extra cash through advertising to cover her craft expenses and even enough to save a bit for a rainy day.  She’s happy with that, and with being able to create “whatever is striking my fancy at the moment”, but she’s looking forward to being able to devote more time to sewing and turning her hobby into a business when the time is right.

Visit Jill’s blog for all sorts of sewing projects, home decor, paper crafts, decoupage and crazy crocheted animal hats.

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