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Is Fear Of Failure Holding Your Business Back?

Or, is fear of failure keeping you from starting a home business?  The only way you can be assured of not failing is to never do anything!

74% of all American millionaires own their own business.  The first day you start a home-based business you instantly TRIPLE your chances of financial independence!

Consider eBay and how it was started in a college dorm room; or how about Michael Dell of Dell computers and how he started his business in his garage.  Neither of these great businesses would have had a chance if the owners were afraid that somebody would laugh at them or that perhaps they would fail in their ventures.  These are only two of the thousands upon thousands of small “home” businesses that have made the big time, or at least have been successful businesses in their own niches.

A very wise person once said, “Make a living doing what you love to do, and you’ll never have to work another day in your life.”  Excellent advice!

As you start thinking hard about using your talents and/or hobbies to start a home business, remember this:  don’t allow others to kill your dreams!  Some will automatically tell you why your idea won’t work and others will dismiss your ideas with a shrug of the shoulders.  Listen to your own inner voice – it sometimes will be the only intelligent voice you’ll hear!

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.  If you have an opportunity to begin a part time business in an area that interests you, we say “go for it”!  You’ll never hit the target if you don’t shoot for it.

An example of “small opportunities” could very well be at this time of year when school is getting ready to start.  You’ve already done all the hems for your child’s skirts, pants or shorts and a friend who can’t sew a stitch asks you to help shorten her childs’ school clothes.  Think about it!  An alteration business in the making! 

Keep your thinking cap on, and your friends’ negative opinions to themselves and you just might surprise yourself with the successful business you can start.

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